Top 10 Anime Where The Main Character Looks Weak But Is Actually Overpowered

Top 10 Anime Where The Main Character Looks Weak But Is Actually Overpowered
This is based on my own opinion, and my word is not the law. I’m happy for you to take my word as gospel, but I’m pretty sure you have your own opinions too, so leave your rankings in the comments and we can have a nice discussion about it, so without any further due below are the Top 10 Anime Where The Main Character Looks Weak But Is Actually Overpowered.
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10. Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki:

Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki
Image source: animewikia
The title of this anime indicates that it's going to be about the Mongol invasion so you can expect some extreme war and cruelty as well as some preconceived knowledge on some hardcore historical events.

9. Armed Blue Gunvolt:

Armed Blue Gunvolt
Image source: wikipedia
This is the only adaptation of a game and it's only 21 minutes long that's right just 21 minutes long but even so, the art and animation of this anime is surprisingly appealing it just grabs your attention away from the minor flaws of the show and into the bigger picture the story takes place in the future there are a few people with special powers called sevens however even though things look peaceful on the surface.

8. Code Breaker:

Code Breaker
Image source: wikipedia
An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth and evil for evil says the main character ray ugami the idea that this anime tries to portray is evil the main character is also one of those dark heroes that we don't get to see very often for the story, begins like this on a completely normal day a girl named sakura looks out of her bus window only to see people getting burned alive left and right with some intense blue flames there's a boy who's completely unfazed by the situation and he's standing over all of these people.

7. Garo Honoo no Kokuin:

Garo Honoo no Kokuin
Image source: wikipedia
Now this anime is kind of underrated so if it intrigues you even a little bit you should check it out there are users of witchcraft and they're to be hunted in the name of the king and even after around 17 years the hunt hasn't cooled down more and more users are brutally hunted in the name of law and order but what if these witchcraft users weren't as bad as people were making them out to be what if they weren't the problem.

6. Sagrada Reset:

Sagrada Reset
Image source: wikipedia
Sagrada reset here's another underrated gem the story takes place in a city called Sakurada and it's a place where people are born with special abilities and it's a one-of-a-kind place the main character keasai meets a girl named Misora Haruki who's an anti-social girl but who has the power to reset anything around her to a prior period in time three days to be more precise but what's interesting is that even she forgets ever resetting something but because keasai has a unique ability of his own he never forgets anything so after getting acquainted with each other they joined the service club to aid other people.

5. Lord of Vermillion:

Lord of Vermillion
Image source: wikipedia
Lord of vermillion in the year 2030 some high-frequency sounds pop up in Tokyo along with red fog and those who hear those sounds be they animals or humans they lose their consciousness seeing all of this the city goes into emergency mode the authorities command to shut down everything they say that a mysterious pandemic is on the loose and there's no telling what will happen next, so it's time to prepare for the worst be that as it mates six days later everyone who lost consciousness now wakes up and the city goes back to normal so was it all just a prank or is there a mysterious pandemic lurking around in Tokyo.

4. Sirius the Jaeger:

Sirius the Jaeger
Image source: netflix
Sirius the jaeger I don't understand why almost all of the anime by pa works are so underrated is it because the studio is known for making original anime instead of adapting an already popular manga
even so, all of the anime I've ever watched by this studio is always just so refreshing wholesome, and sometimes even downright depressing this one is also an anime original by paw works and while I admit that this is no masterpiece it is still a very good anime the story takes place in the year 1930 when vampires are on the loose the one who keeps them in check are the warriors called jaegers.

3. Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun:

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Image source: wikipedia
Hanako Kun is an interesting guy he lurks around in the girl's toilet that's located on the third floor of the school's old building now the students know a bit about him but they think he's a girl that horns that bathroom and it's also one of the seven wonders of their school some students even started spreading rumors that if someone successfully manages to encounter her she'll grant them any wish so every once in a while students try summoning her but she just never appears until the day when an adorable girl named naenae tries to look for this ghost thinking that she can wish for her feelings to be returned by her crush.

2. Gunjou No Magmel:

Gunjou No Magmel
Image source: wikipedia
Now here's an interesting one suddenly a new continent pops up and it's ready to be explored by people and the name of this continent is magma as you can guess everyone's genuinely interested in this new continent but since it's new there's no telling what people they might find there so to sustain the expeditions people known as anglers come into the scene to protect the people from mugmail's wildlife one such angler is in who's a skilled professional together with his assistant zero he performs search and rescue operations.

1. Hitori no Shitan:

Hitori no Shitan
Image source: wikipedia
This one's a Chinese anime but the Japanese dub is also available so feel free to go with whichever one you want now the story goes like this the main character zhang chulan was in the graveyard trying to pay a visit to his grandma's grave but then some zombies appear out of nowhere and start attacking him the situation was not very comfortable for him, fortunately, though he gets saved by a mysterious girl who's wielding a kitchen knife and she stomps the zombies using these knives tells him something, and then leaves however Julian sees the girl again at his university.

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Top 10 Anime Where The MC Looks Weak But Is Actually Overpowered:
10) Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki
9) Armed Blue Gunvolt
8) Code: Breaker
7) Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
6) Sagrada Reset
5) Lord of Vermillion
4) Sirius the Jaeger
3) Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
2) Gunjou No Magmel
1) Hitori no Shita

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  1. A fair few of these I haven't seen yet


  2. These look like some great suggestions. I don’t know much about this so this was an interesting post. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren - bournemouthgirl

  3. I'm an anime person. Used to watch a lot. Dont anymore since I don't find anytime now. Maybe that's why I'm not familiar with all of these. I eecently started looking for good new options to download and watch so will come back to this again and look them up. Thanks for sharing. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger



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